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Developer Assistant Redémarrage nécessaire

A suite of tools for developers.

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Color Source Redémarrage nécessaire

Add syntax highlighting of code in various languages to email messages via context menu.

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Mes critiques

Password Exporter

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One thing to be aware of is that the XML specs (1.0 and 1.1) prohibit "xml" as an element or attribute name. I'd rename it "export" or just have "entries" as your root.

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Addons Quick Search

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Very nice.

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Zhong Wen

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This is a great add-on. I think it could be improved a little bit by setting off the Chinese definition with maybe some borders around the mouseover text.


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A thoroughly wonderful extension. Inconceivable to me how anyone would complain about it.

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Woohoo! I can hold my head higher now as a Thunderbird user now that FiltaQuilla has added the highly flexibile customizability Mozilla is known for to Thunderbird to be able to launch any file (and more) upon a new message as some other other mail clients were already able to do. Now I can record and have automatically play a specific message indicating important callers by name. Might even be used with home automation! The extension did the job as advertised.

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Where were you all this time?? :) Sure wish I had known about this extension earlier--I can finally bury my regrets from moving away from Entourage 2004! (Request: It'd be nice to be able to see forwarded email "threads" in addition to replies (and in a different manner))

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Sneak Peek

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Tested on WinXP, FF3.

I guess this should be under a category of "Feeds, News, Blogging" as well as "Other" (It only looks like its under "Other").

This extension provides nice customized control in specifying the conditions under which links appear and how they are displayed in previewing another site before viewing it. Very useful potentially for news, forums or other wiki pages (or even this addons site!). Nice power control via regexp.

A few suggestions (though I'm not attached to any except the first):
1) Put the close button on the far right with maybe a splitter apart from the others so it is clear and quick to get out of the window.
2) Maybe allow some kind of importing or page-at-a-time means of pasting in a script. Having to tab through each field to enter text could be troublesome if you are pasting the data from somewhere.
3) Maybe some means of specifying the style of the link display (since you've already given a lot of control)
4) Possibly allowing XPath for the peek pattern
5) Make it more accessible to the average user by allowing a simple "*" wildcard in addition to the existing regular expressions option.
6) Allow searching and importing of user patterns directly through the interface--if there's a disconnect in needing to go to the site, I might be less likely to take advantage of it.

Overall a potentially useful tool.

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DOM Inspector

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You can get the one for Firefox at

(Giving a rating of 5 to balance out the comments about it not working in FF since it is for Thunderbird, but it is confusing)

Developer Assistant

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Yay! Extended for FF3!

This should be included in a build for developers. This is such a vital tool for making Firefox extensions and even handy for other web developers (live HTML preview, JavaScript environment, and regular expressions--the immediate feedback without needing to open a new window, save a test file to a folder, etc., is invaluable in speeding development). The extension builder got me into building extensions in the first place.

Be aware of the toolbar icons (View->Toolbars->Customize) as they are a must.

Small note: with the XUL editor, if you open it in a new window, it seems to have fewer privs (had problems testing a controller).

One request: please allow customization of default text in windows, at least the HTML editor. If not, please at least make the default HTML text include a fully well-formed document and an empty script tag to try out JavaScript so we can play with JavaScript/HTML/CSS interaction without needing to type the script tags in each time...

An XHTML 1.1 editor might be nice too to get immediate well-formedness errors, though one can kind of use the XUL editor for that (though not with real HTML styling).

Small bug (with FF3?): Might not be ext's fault, but reloading chrome (with a lot of windows open at least) caused FF to crash, and I had problems in FF2 with reload chrome causing multiple windows to be opened when reopening Firefox later.

Again, awesome work, thank you!

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Override Mozilla Firefox Guidance

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1) allow user to write own
2) How about a joke re: censors? (not a joke for a lot of us)


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This is so beautiful... in function foremost and surprisingly also in appearance. Very, very nice...

A suggestion--get this sticky note feature to work when visiting specific websites or somehow like when hovering over file names on the local file system in Firefox...

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Hi, this extension works fine to do the job it says. I might just recommend adding an "undo" (though one can just refresh the page too) and maybe add the trigger to the context menu, since one would presumably wish to access this handily.