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I had a problem with Reminderfox a while ago on Thunderbird and had the privilege to speak with Günter. I have to say that he was a great help in getting my problems sorted.

I have been using The Little Reminderfox for a few years now and he is a constant part of my daily life. I like having him on Thunderbird, but would still prefer him to be on Firefox. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Günter and the rest of the Reminderfox Gang will be abler to bring him back to Firefox where he belongs.

Thank you to all those involved in Reminderfox I very much appreciate what you do.

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I've just moved it over to Thunderbird and imported all my reminders and it's working great. Not sure how long it will continue to work in Thunderbird but at least I have my reminders back for now.

Another option is Waterfox it works fine on there, but I'm not sure if that will change.

So sad to see this add on go.

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