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Giving this 5 stars in the hopes that the dev blesses us with a version 2.1.7 FYI, version 2.1.6 IS available, just not here. It's at:
The good news: Google Calendar Integration is fixed.
The bad news: Well, first off, the Options pop-up and Calendar selection screen demand focus, so it's impossible to open the webpage to get the token to enable access to the calendar. UNLESS, you go in to the browser settings, and tell it to ask which program to use when you try to open a https link. THEN you manually pick a different browser to open the link and copy the token from there. It works, I did it.
Second off, the dev deleted Status bar (and menu bar, and every other bar) support because Firefox ditched it. SOOO??? I'm using Seamonkey! Not to mention the plethora of other Mozilla software which still has bars, or has addons to add them back!! I WANT my Event text displayed in my status bar. Lightning demands it be in the status bar.. or at least mine put it there anyway. Now?? Now I have to settle for yet another icon on my already crowded toolbar. I downgraded back to It worked, but I lost connectivity to my Google calendar shortly after that.

I was able to verify functionality by deleting some old events and adding a couple of birthdays. I sincerely HOPE the dev blesses us with one final version. I don't intend to ever upgrade to Firefox 57+. It's a bloated, adware infested piece of crap. It pains me to say that, but at the moment I intend to settle on Waterfox or some other solution on a permanent basis. Firefox is a lost cause.

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