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Version 3.3.3 4.3 MiB Fonctionne avec SeaMonkey 2.28 - 2.28.*, Thunderbird 31.0 - 31.*

* Added locales cy, fi, pt-BR, tr.

Version 3.3.2 4.1 MiB Fonctionne avec SeaMonkey 2.28 - 2.28.*, Thunderbird 31.0 - 31.*

* Fixed locales that went missing in Lightning 3.3.1
* Added gd and lt locales.

Version 2.6 3.5 MiB Fonctionne avec SeaMonkey 2.21 - 2.21, Thunderbird 24.0 - 24.0

  • On Windows, the binary component is now signed. This avoids issues with some virus scanners.
  • It is now possible to make a recurring event finite without opening the custom recurrence dialog (see your event dialog).
  • You can now create a monthly recurring event on the last day of the month.
  • Events can have multiple categories, selection is available in the event dialog.
  • Updated to the latest timezone information 2013d.
  • Its now more obvious what to do when no calendars support email invitations.
  • Support for Google Calendar via CalDAV using their new v2 endpoint.
  • Mac and Linux now support overlay scrollbars, giving you more room in the month view.
  • Some view related performance fixes.
Important Information:
If you are using Google Calendar via CalDAV, you MUST upgrade to the newest endpoint. Please see this blog post for more details.

Version 1.6 2.9 MiB Fonctionne avec SeaMonkey 2.11 - 2.11.*, Thunderbird 14.0 - 14.*

You can find the full list of changes here

Version 1.5 2.4 MiB Fonctionne avec SeaMonkey 2.10 - 2.10.*, Thunderbird 13.0 - 13.*

The full list of changes can be found here.

Version 1.4 3.0 MiB Fonctionne avec SeaMonkey 2.9 - 2.9.*, Thunderbird 12.0 - 12.*

Please see the list of Lightning 1.4 bugs fixed for details.

Version 1.3 2.9 MiB Fonctionne avec SeaMonkey 2.8 - 2.8.*, Thunderbird 11.0 - 11.*

This version of Lightning is compatible with Thunderbird 11 and Seamonkey 2.8. The following notable fixes are included:

  • Improved interoperability for Apple iCloud and Chandler Servers
  • New Toolbar to match Thunderbird's tabs on top visuals
  • Improve selection behavior in Calendar View
  • Fixed a regression that kept invitations from being processed

Version 1.2.3 2.8 MiB Fonctionne avec SeaMonkey 2.7 - 2.7.*, Thunderbird 10.0 - 10.*

Fixes two small issues with invitations. If you are using Thunderbird 10 or Seamonkey 2.7 and make use of the email invitations feature, please upgrade as soon as possible.

Version 1.2.1 2.8 MiB Fonctionne avec SeaMonkey 2.7 - 2.7.*, Thunderbird 10.0 - 10.*

Fixes an important issue that affects certain CalDAV servers, where the organizer and attendee is set wrong.

Please also see the version notes for Lightning 1.2

Version 1.2 2.8 MiB Fonctionne avec SeaMonkey 2.7 - 2.7.*, Thunderbird 10.0 - 10.*

The most important fixes in this release are:

  • Updates timezones to 2001n which fixes timezone issues for Russian users in particular.
  • Provides hooks to allow provider extensions to install an ACL Manager.
  • Some fixes for the Chandler and Zimbra CalDAV Servers.
  • Fixed a critical issue while modifying items offline on a CalDAV Server

Version 1.1.1 3.0 MiB Fonctionne avec SeaMonkey 2.6 - 2.6.*, Thunderbird 9.0 - 9.*

This release fixes a critical issue for some users on Windows XP. If you are using Lightning 1.1, you are advised to upgrade as soon as possible!

Version 1.0 2.8 MiB Fonctionne avec SeaMonkey 2.5a1 - 2.5.*, Thunderbird 8.0a1 - 8.*

The most notable bugfixes and new features are:

  • Full offline support, when the "Cache" is enabled for a calendar
  • Improve diagnostics for the ICS provider
  • Fix the top startup crash. Please give Lightning another try if you previously had issues
  • Some fixes for the alarm system, specifically related to snoozing and recurring events
  • Allow opening events already accepted via invitation
  • Fresh new UI style for all calendar views

You can find the full release notes on the calendar website.

Version 1.0b5 3.0 MiB Fonctionne avec SeaMonkey 2.1 - 2.3.*, Thunderbird 5.0b1 - 6.*

This release fixes some urgent issues that slipped in to 1.0b4. The most important are:

  • Remote calendar with webcal:// location not working
  • Thunderbird Does Not Process Meeting Invites from Outlook, Google Calendar
  • startup crash [@ cal::UTC()]
  • wcap not working since TB5 and Lightning 1.0b4rc2
  • Snoozing/Dismissing one event on alarm popup closes entire window
  • Event invitation not sent out when Outlook compatiblity is checked