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Attempt to migrate XNote++ to Thunderbird 78+

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Lisätty syys 15, 2020


Scroll without touching the scroll-bar!
Press Middle (Right / Left) mouse button anywhere on the page to scroll just like with scrollbar.

Features also:
- "grab and drag" scrolling
- customizable scrollbars!
- the Momentum auto-scroll

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Lisätty syys 12, 2020

Quote Colors (Tb 68, 78)

Configure text and background colors of quotes in mail and news messages.

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Lisätty syys 9, 2020

Message Header Toolbar Customize

You can change icon display and button order. You can also hide unnecessary buttons.

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Lisätty syys 7, 2020


Custom Thunderbird keybindings

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Lisätty syys 5, 2020

ThunderbirdCR (Dictionary) Vaatii uudelleenkäynnistyksen

Context Reverso for Thunderbird.
A translator/dictionary available to English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Russian, Turkish.

Hotkey: Search selected texts (Shift+F1)

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Lisätty elo 23, 2020

Next Unread Thread

Adds a Thread button, marks current thread or conversation as read and moves to the next unread message

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Lisätty elo 16, 2020

Next Unread Group

Adds a Group button, marks current newsgroup or folder as read and moves to the next unread message

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Lisätty elo 16, 2020

Previous Colors

Quickly choose one of the previously selected colors for a message text

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Lisätty elo 8, 2020


The Altium Forums are the best way to participate in discussions, share tips, ask/answer questions and locate resources.

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Lisätty elo 7, 2020


If single clicking a calendar item,
you can see popup of browserAction.
It seems like taskview, but it would be enough with a small size because event is different to task.
Soon, I will update it, please, wait months.

Be a light.
I thank God!

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Lisätty heinä 31, 2020

Empty Folder

Adds a context option to mail folders for moving all included messages to trash.

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Lisätty heinä 24, 2020


Dynamic theming of Thunderbird using your Pywal colors.


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Lisätty heinä 23, 2020

Mark All Read:WE

Mark all read (Web extension) - Adds a toolbar button to mark all unread messages in current folder as read.

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Lisätty heinä 20, 2020

Preferences Button

Adds a Preferences button

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Lisätty heinä 16, 2020


Quick & easy PGP encryption / decryption tool
* Save & use many public encryption keys to encrypt mail content
* Save & use many private decryption keys to decrypt mail content

Using openPGP.js

Open Source

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Lisätty heinä 7, 2020

Ordinal Vaatii uudelleenkäynnistyksen

Adds a column type named "#" that displays row numbers in a message list. Sorting by this column does nothing.

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Lisätty heinä 1, 2020

Clacks Overhead

In tribute to the late Sir Terry Pratchett, many users are adding the message "GNU Terry Pratchett" into the email header "X-Clacks-Overhead". Clacks Overhead shows users when this appears in their emails and displays the message included.

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Lisätty kesä 25, 2020

KundenMeister CRM Mail Export

An mail export add-on from KundenMeister to export the mails from user to KundenMeister portal after authentication.

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Lisätty kesä 25, 2020


Insert signature helps you to insert usually used text by your customization.

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Lisätty kesä 10, 2020