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I would like to thank Thunderbird for so many years offering an excellent software. I have been using it as the main email software even having access to private and company solutions.
Nevertheless, the last updates affecting the app gContactSync led me to definitively choose other software for using electronic mail. From now, I will use TB just eventually as secondary email software.
I cannot spend much time to all the inconveniences coming up from the last update.
Thank you for your service so far.

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El complemento es, o mejor dicho, ha sido magnífico. Lo que no lo ha sido tanto es la actualización de Thunderbird:
1º.- Lo peor es que haya dejado de funcionar gContactSync
2º.- También hay problemas con el Calendario

Supongo que la actualización que han hecho de TB habrá tenido la intención de mejorar muchas consas, pero, para mí, las dos anteriores y, particularmente, la de gContactSync, me está haciendo considerar muy seriamente la posibilidad de dejar de usar TB. Es una pena, porque hasta ahora, les hubiera puesto siempre un 10

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Dear all,
Since all these problems came up I had to install again the version 0.32, but, as has been already commented, definitely it does not work.
So, after upgrading to the last version, delete the calendars and adding all again, everything is apparently working fine. Note: it is important to choose the format GOOGLE CALENDAR (no ICS, CaIDAV or WCAP)

I am using Thunderbird 31.2.0, Lightning 3.3.1, Provider for Google Calendar 1.0.2 and gContactSync 1.1.1

Good luck

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