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[HU] Nagyszerűen működik, a CalDAV- és CardDAV-integrációs moduljával szépen kezeli a nextcloudos és fiókom naptárát és névjegyeit.

[EN] Works great, with the CalDAV & CardDAV Provider both my Nextcloud and account is properly synced.

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Together with "Provider for CaldDAV & CardDAV", "Provider for Exchange ActiveSync" and "lightning", It finally allows me to access both outlook and google calendar and address books . It perfectly works on the latest thunderbird version 68.10.0

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to use google contacts
1.install tbsync
2. install "Provider for CalDAV & CardDAV"
3. add an account > CardDav
4. manual configuration
5. carddav server url : use this config url from google
5. enter your google credentials etc...
in the account tab of tbsync you will get sthg like
carddav url :[email protected]/lists/default/

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Tbsync is a very good software after Google. Thank you, but I have the following problems in using it:

1. Every time you start the calendar account in Thunderbird, you can't display the schedule. You have to delete the calendar before synchronization, and then synchronize it again. Please help. thank you!

thunderbirder ver 78.6(64)

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iCloud-Einrichtung hat sofort funktioniert, man benötigt lediglich Username der Apple-ID und das Applikations-spezifische Kennwort aus iCloud. Perfekt!

Setting up iCloud works instantly. You only need the username of your apple id, and an application-specific password (as created in iCloud). Perfect!

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Works perfectly on TB78 with Google Agenda & Contacts, very easy configuration ! thank you so much.
Install "Provider for CalDAV & CardDAV" and also "TbSync" from the same developer.
Then change this setting following the instructions from the developer :

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I use it for a while now. It is a bit verbose for my taste (which makes it look more complicated than it really is). It does a GREAT job in terms of functionality.

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I use TbSync in conjunction with the Provider for Exchange ActiveSync. It allows me a complete and reliable synchronization with my Outlook calendar and contacts . It is in my view an essential extension of Thunderbird in any Windows environment, a must-to-have.
At the time of writing this review, I have it installed with Thunderbird 78.5.1 (64-Bit) and Windows 10 20H2 x64. It works flawlessly.

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Took me 10 minutes to setup GMX, o365 and Google (unfortunately discontinued support). Only one Add-On to support all this providers - how good is that!?!
Keep up the great work and reconsider supporting google interfaces.

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My events on calendar are now disapearing!!! How can I have those back?!?!

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Thanks a lot John for your incredibly valuable work. I had been using Thunderbird for a long time, then left it because getting calendars and contact syncing was becoming a pain. After a few years, I came back to Thunderbird because of TbSync really.

I think TbSync is so good it should be embedded in Thunderbird. I read there are some plans to do that in the future, I'm really looking forward to it since I believe Thunderbird would benefit a lot from it.

Regarding the latest move to set Google support as experimental, I totally understand it and respect it. What people really don't understand is that this is a *free* add-on for a *free* software (which works great). It is so frustrating to read people demanding things yet not willing to pay a penny.

I hope despite being experimental Google support will keep working, as this is what attracts many users to use use this awesome add-on. Please keep up the good work :)


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I have tried and tried and tried to get this $%?&?? add-on to work and it DOES NOT. It is useless. The entire 78.5 version of Thunderbird is a disaster with many add-ons that had worked fine for years having been disabled. The final product is less than it was to the point where I'm seriously thinking of switching to an entirely different platform.;

40.000 users seem to use it just fine. Calling my addon $%?&?? is of course disqualifying you from any further (free) support.

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Works like a charm to sync my own CalDAV/CardDAV server ie. calendars, tasks and address book on a Synology NAS.

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Dear John, I follow the other comments, that this is a great addon for accessing Google mail.
It supports invitations. I have not found other addons with this capability.

I'm also sorry, that other users do not respect your work for a free addon. Please listen to the users which are glad to have a running tool, and not to the others.

And please do not skip the Google support in the future at all; keep it as now as an unofficial option, which has to be activated per keyword. This saved my day.

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Dear John,
A big thumbs up to you for creating TbSync!
I have been a dedicated Mozilla user ever since the "Mozilla Suite" came out years ago. And I now carry on using Firefox & Thunderbird.
The developers of Thunderbird sadly left a lot of Google users behind in the dust with their latest update to 78, neglecting support for full Google integration, including calendar and contacts. Being one of the estimated 1.5 billion Gmail users worldwide, I was disheartened, to say the least.
After a couple of hours of searching, I happily came across your wonderful TbSync! Yea!!!
Thank you so much for making that available to us and for your guidance on how to get it set up and working.
A key action to get it working is your helpful instruction to go to Settings, Cofig Editor and toggle on "extensions.dav4tbsync.googlesupport".
All the best to you!

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I am a long time Firefox and Thunderbird user, and I am too disappointed to see TbSync removed Google support, it was the only other such add on beside gContactSync I can use with Google, now both no longer work with Google, I can understand the frustration and dismay of other users. I did not read the full comment but still want to comment on that, if a feature removed from an add on for some reason, this will surely causing trouble to some people and make them unhappy, of course there are thousand ways to re-enable that feature if you are smart enough, you could even write your own code, but if something no longer works out of the box 'like the old days', then I will consider 'it doesn't support XXX' there is nothing wrong to say that right !? but of course we should not return with 'strong words' to the developer, instead we should keep digging to try find an alternative, after all most of us are not programmer/developer and using free s/w can't expect everything perfect !

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Dear John, I'm sorry that some Google users have led you to stop supporting those services.
Thank you for creating TBSync, an extension that I find very useful in my migration to TB, and thank you for allowing me to synchronize my google accounts, by to your advice I created the property "extensions.dav4tbsync.googlesupport" and everything works very well.

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A good addon I use to replace gContactSync and synchronize my Google contacts. Just read the previous comment if you want to enable the feature.

I'm sad to read "Google" users critize or are just so impatient. "Google" users, don't forget it's a free plugin !

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Thank you, John, for creating and maintaining TBSync. Activating the code still in the plugin (please never remove it!!), it works like a charm syncing my Google Contacts with Thunderbird.
I probably use only 1% of TBSync's potential, and that 1% is the one you like less (Google Contacts), but that's was I was looking for.

I'm sorry that some Google users forced you to discontinue your support to them and I thank you for keeping TBSync's ability to sync Google accounts so far.
Following your advice, I tried to flip the "extensions.dav4tbsync.googlesupport" property, but it doesn't exist: I had to create it manually, guessing (from your "flip") that it was a boolean property.
Luckily, I was right, and I guess it's a sort of test: if someone is clever enough to activate the support for Google then he's not a hot-headed annoying user... :-)
But maybe it would be nice of you if you could add that property during installation, or add more detailed instructions in your (locked) post at GitHub, so to avoid any unnecessary "it doesn't work with Google!" comments.

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*Updated ETA - Generally, I would agree with you and would not have written the review, however, I run Thunderbird on 4 machines. So, when ver 78 came out I was apprehensive to use Tbsync. I finally got it figured out and installed on one computer. Was just starting to install the updates on the others and come to discover that the 2 hours it took to get it to work initially all of sudden has zero support and no longer works. So, I have one machine where it works with your product and now have to find a completely new system which will require install on 4 computers. It also looks like I will have to pay for an email service that works. So...the add on originally supported google and now it doesnt. And, not to be a jerk, google can suck...well you know.

Please respond with some assistance or hope. I will then happily delete. Your work on all these projects has been great and I wished it would continue to help me but time marches on...

*ETA: I read Mr. Bieling's statement so what I said below really does not apply. I understand ... I guess, getting pissed at google users but that means I can no longer use Thunderbird so mozilla has lost a user. Seems like they are going downhill fast. Too bad, I had many of their products and donated for their work. Sorry to lose Thunderbird as it was the closest to Outlook and was a fantastic product but the developer gets to choose their customers. On well.

This might be the most difficult install in the history of apps for Thunderbird...or most any other program for that matter.

I have a simple gmail account. Everything worked fine before the change eliminated everything. I installed Tbsync and cannot figure out how to set up with google calendar and contacts. This is beyond frustrating. Why cant someone put something out there that explains a set up?

1. How do you set up google calendar?
2. How do you set up google contacts?

Any help is appreciated, otherwise, you lost me as a Thunderbird customer because I just need something that works and this aint it.

This Add-on does not support Goolge. Alternatives:
- CardBook
- Provider for Google Calendar

Please remove this rating, as it is invalid. A feature not advertised and not claimed by the description of the add-on cannot be marked as a fault.

Edit: As explained in the github announcement, the google code is still in the add-on. You have to activate it manually. I just do not want to support google users anymore.