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Paolo, thanks for this great extension. It works without problems on my Thunderbird and my mail store (Cyrus IMAP).

This is a huge need and time-saver when it comes to processing emails from unified messaging gateways, e.g. when you get faxes or scanned letters by email. All of them have the same title and sender, so it's impossible to tell what's inside, and each time I search for something, I have to open them all. Horrible. With your extension, I can give them a meaningful subject, one that tells *me* what's inside, and I can put a sender and recipient in. For those broken devices that can't even put in a date, I can even fix that. This helps tremendously.

Thanks a lot!

(P.S. Suggestion: Some UI help with the date field would be good for those who don't speak RFC822 natively :) , e.g. a date/time picker.)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.4.4).