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Shop Khởi Nghiệp Theme 1

Theme Designed by Shop Khoi Nghiep

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Lisätty heinä 25, 2020

Gruvbox Dark Thunderbird

Gruvbox dark theme for Thunderbird. Originally written for Firefox. Based on https://github.com/morhetz/gruvbox

Check out this theme for Firefox https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/gruvbox-dark-theme/

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374 käyttäjää
Lisätty touko 17, 2020


A Thunderbird version of the popular Fireglobe theme for Firefox.

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188 käyttäjää
Lisätty huhti 27, 2020

SSC Napoli by Rivetti

SSC Napoli by Rivetti.

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Lisätty huhti 22, 2020

PNBG (Pretty Nice Grey - Blue)

A thorough theme, deep blue and nice grey, reminds of older chrome and Firefox look, easy on the eyes. This is a beautiful, nice theme, also available for Firefox.

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4 käyttäjää
Lisätty huhti 16, 2020

Game Red Highlighted

A thorough red/dark gaming theme, no distractions, strong red details and a red indicated current tab to never be confused and always remain focused.

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Lisätty huhti 16, 2020

Pierres sur fond vert

Image de pierres sur fond vert avec écritures vertes

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Lisätty maalis 14, 2020

Numix Blue (dark)

Numix background with some blue accents, optimized for use with dark OS themes

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243 käyttäjää
Lisätty helmi 28, 2020

Breeze Solarized Light

Simple theme based on Kde Breeze Light theme, with solarized colors.

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58 käyttäjää
Lisätty helmi 14, 2020

Liquid Gold WebExtension theme

Liquid Gold Theme for Thunderbird. I made it just for my own use. Hope you like it too..

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Lisätty tammi 29, 2020

Owner Gold

This Add-on is a simple theme.
Which is a set header on thunderbird or firfox also.
Header image is based on galaxy image as show on header.

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Lisätty marras 19, 2019

Reece's Mixed Dark

Dark theme with blue accents.

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25 käyttäjää
Lisätty loka 26, 2019

Kde Breeze Light

Breeze Light Theme for Thunderbird

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82 käyttäjää
Lisätty loka 17, 2019


A cool theme for behtaco

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Lisätty syys 26, 2019

Tiger eyes turquoise

A gray tone tiger with turquoise eyes

This is a modified version of the theme "tiger eyes light blue" from AmSumz.

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60 käyttäjää
Lisätty elo 28, 2019


A nice bright theme to use with Thunderbird beta versions (Earlybird)

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Lisätty elo 26, 2019


An updated version with a Thunderbird 60 logo. Not sure what ESR68 is going to look l ike :)

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84 käyttäjää
Lisätty elo 26, 2019


yahane_pattern, BY: HEKISU1

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Lisätty elo 23, 2019

Blur (violet, orange, green) Suositeltu

Blur, violet, orange, green.

Arvosteltu: 3/5 tähteä (2)
1 373 käyttäjää
Lisätty elo 2, 2019

Numix Blue

Numix background with some blue accents.

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53 käyttäjää
Lisätty huhti 5, 2019