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First, I echo what Infinity said on 2016-06-27, that the edit (full source) window always pops up too big, and then I (in Win 10) use the Windows+right-arrow button to get it so I can see the OK/Cancel buttons at the bottom. Seems like that might be a simple-ish fixed if reviewed.

I use this add on for lots of simple edits, sometimes throwing out a bunch of useless mime data in it to strip the email down to the core text which is all I want to archive for myself, etc., but another thing I've lately been trying to do is fix messages that are part of a long conversation, but a correspondent replied at some point with their mobile phone (I'm guessing the default Android email app, e.g., does this), and it breaks the conversation because the proper message-ids are not set in the References and In-Reply-To headers.

If the conversation is important enough, I may want to manually fix this, but the problem is, even once I fix it, it does not show up in 'open in conversation' within Tbird. I later discovered the workaround to that is to make the header changes, but then closee Tbird, go find this file in your profile directory:


delete it, and then restart Tbird. That's not too terrible, unless you have a really huge profile, like I do, with thousands of messages in it -- the rebuild takes a long time, on a fast PC.

My suggestion would be that, if possible, after changes are made to a message, Header Tools Lite does something to Tbird to force it to reindex *just the message just edited* as if it had just come in new, with those headers, and then would get properly threaded into the conversation I want it to.

Reasonable? I have no idea, just thought I'd voice the opinion. I've read some bug reports from people with similar problems, possibly trying to solve the issue in other ways, but if this Add-on could just change in the way I described above, it'd be great.

Thanks for your efforts thus far!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.5.2).