Arvosteltu: 5/5 tähteä

For no reason that I can come up with, this extension just quit working in the middle of a session. I have it installed in Thunderbird 52.9.1 (32-bit). The option to use it is still there in the context menu, but it's grayed out. Nothing I've attempted will restore it's functionality. When this extension worked, it was wonderful. I was able to remove tons of unwanted stuff from archived emails so that I was able to reduce their size for storage.

(Later) For some reason, the extensions mysteriously started working again. Accordingly, I've revised my rating. Header Tools Lite is a vital keeper.

(Even later) I found out what the problem was. Instead of simply right-clicking on a message's listing in order to get to the context menu, I have to left click on the listing first so as to select it, THEN right click on the selected listing to see the extension un-grayed out in the context menu. I hope that makes sense to others. It's the best I can do to explain the problem I was having.