Arvosteltu: 4/5 tähteä

There is now a completely revised successor add-on that works really completely with Thunderbird 68. * and Thunderbird 78. *:

Please note that the other / old variants of the add-on must be uninstalled!

Arvosteltu: 2/5 tähteä

I can confirm that the preferences aren't saved. If you don't like the default colors, this add-on isn't for you.

Arvosteltu: 1/5 tähteä

Thank you very much for your effort. It seems to work on TB 68.0.0.

However, the settings wont be saved, and I don't want the default settings. That makes the add-on completely unusable for me.

Note that this is not a critic of the default settings, because I assume my needs are specific.

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Does not work with me (TB 68.5.0, 64 bit). The colours I define in the settings won't be saved, i.e. the colors appear switched back to default settings when I re-open the settings window.

Arvosteltu: 5/5 tähteä

Thank You!

Arvosteltu: 5/5 tähteä

Thank you so much for bringing Quote Colors back to life!

Arvosteltu: 5/5 tähteä

Fantastic to see Quote Colors back again. It works perfectly with Thunderbird 68. Thank you so much, intika!