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Versio 58.6 KiB Toimii kohteilla Firefox 8.0a1 - 56.*, SeaMonkey 2.3 - 2.32

- nsIDOMCrypto got removed on Fx25

Versio 58.5 KiB Toimii kohteilla Firefox 8.0a1 - 25.*, SeaMonkey 2.3 - 2.19

✔ Fixed according to latest site changes.

✔ Added support to download as ZIP archives.

Versio 59.9 KiB Toimii kohteilla Firefox 4.0 - 22.0, SeaMonkey 2.3 - 2.19

✔ Fixed File API's Seek() implementation which would cause issues when the first chunk about to be written does not start at position Zero.

✔ Keeping CTRL pressed before downloading a file will prompt to select where to save it, regardless of the configured Downloads Folder. (Thanks to serge111 for the suggestion)

Versio 59.8 KiB Toimii kohteilla Firefox 8.0a1 - 21.0a1, SeaMonkey 2.3 - 2.16a1

➜ Version 0.2.20

✔ The site has changed on how downloads are processed and therefore this add-on fixed accordingly. Sadly using file's seeks has become a requirement which might slows down the downloads speed or most likely just causes an increased CPU/Disk usage.

✔ Added configurable option to control how many chunks to download simultaneously. Note however that our initial tests has shown the site isn't fully ready for this yet, because while downloads still work the progress indicators are not. The default value is 4 (ie, four XHR connections at a time)

➜ Version 0.2.18

✔ Downloads are now handled through the Firefox/SeaMonkey's Downloads Manager, so that you can launch the files from there or just keep a record of what gets downloaded. When downloads complete a notification window will be opened as the browser does by default, which you can click to open the downloads manager.

✔ Clicking the toolbar button will no longer prompt for your log-in details if you didn't provided them previously, it'll just open the site. If you want to enter them later you can middle-click it instead.

✔ Added support to download whole folders recursively.

Versio 58.5 KiB Toimii kohteilla Firefox 4.0 - 22.0, SeaMonkey 2.3 - 2.16a1

✔ The login prompt at startup will be shown only once, after all you don't need an account to download files.

✔ Minor fixes and workaround to handle 'dl_method 3'...

Versio 58.6 KiB Toimii kohteilla Firefox 17.0a1 - 21.0a1, SeaMonkey 2.3 - 2.16a1

✔ Added downloads support.

✔ The Login Manager will only be accessed when needed, so that if you're using a master password you will not be asked to enter it unnecessarily.

✔ Your login details will be automatically filled in the form if you visit the site's login page manually (ie, without clicking the toolbar button)