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No button after adding the extension to Waterfox 56.0.1 on FreeBSD-CURRENT.

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not showing in tool bar.

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I don't know is it working or not, since the used memory is not showing on menu as it displays on screen shot. I clicked on several options, but the result is same. Will you kindly tell me how it works?

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I don't know how much memory it does free, but
even after clicking the button, or opening about:memory and clicking "Minimize Memory Use", it gives this warning:
"WARNING: the following values are negative or unreasonably large.
explicit/(18 tiny)
explicit/(18 tiny)/heap-unclassified
This indicates a defect in one or more memory reporters. The invalid values are highlighted.
Explicit Allocations
410.39 MB (100.0%) -- explicit
├──4,083.59 MB (995.04%) -- gfx [?!] ------HERE
│ ├──4,083.31 MB (994.98%) ── heap-textures [?!] <<<<
│ └──────0.28 MB (00.07%) ++ (5 tiny) "
─-3,978.11 MB (-969.34%) -- (18 tiny) [?!] ------HERE
├───────3.80 MB (00.93%) ++ add-ons
├───────2.77 MB (00.67%) ++ cycle-collector
├───────2.76 MB (00.67%) ++ xpconnect
├───────2.57 MB (00.63%) ++ startup-cache
├───────2.55 MB (00.62%) ── spell-check
├───────1.09 MB (00.27%) ++ layout
├───────0.82 MB (00.20%) ++ network
├───────0.80 MB (00.20%) ── xpti-working-set
├───────0.67 MB (00.16%) ── cookie-service
├───────0.38 MB (00.09%) ++ dom
├───────0.37 MB (00.09%) ── preferences
├───────0.31 MB (00.08%) ++ xpcom
├───────0.27 MB (00.07%) ── telemetry
├───────0.24 MB (00.06%) ── icu
├───────0.13 MB (00.03%) ++ media
├───────0.10 MB (00.02%) ── script-namespace-manager
├───────0.01 MB (00.00%) ── history-links-hashtable
└──-3,997.74 MB (-974.12%) ── heap-unclassified [?!] -----HERE
I can send you the whole log if you want.
I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 Firefox 45.0.
Sorry to post this here but didn't see anywhere else.
Hope you can make it clear that too, cause I end up having to quit and restart firefox.

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Worked when 1st Installed, but not after restart. Going into 'customize' doesn't show a button either.

This is on CyberFox ([AMD] optimized Firefox variant). (BTW - switched from PaleMoon recently.)

It would also be great if this addon (when working) could do a restart (say, if right-clicked, or various options like that). Then I'd be able to get rid of Memory Fox, and reduce the number of extensions I use.

It's likely related to the same thing the PaleMoon guy was talking about, but I don't know the Browser info).

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Works! A bit quicker than restarting,if you just need a slight boost,this is worth it.
Checked it several times and it saved me 500-600 MB (10 uses). Not amazing but worth the install!

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It seems to me that restarting the browser (using Restarless Restart add-on) frees more memory than Mimimize memory usage action does. Please test this and consider adding a menu item to restart Firefox. Thanks!

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It is useful for freeing up memory. Handy. It works.

Why the 4 stars not 5? Anything I could do to make it worth 5?