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Izena Undying
Kokapena Germany
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Realist with pessimistic leanings.

Hi. I'm weird. That's it.

I'm never satisfied. I often make mistakes. I should start thinking before speaking. Sleep sucks. My mood changes every second. My brain loves to think about things I can't change.

To be honest, I'm quite boring. I like watching movies but who doesn't? Otherwise I'm doing web design since forever. Okay, not really forever but at least 9 years. Or more? To be honest, it's basically my only hobby. Sometimes I'm about to read a book but I can't keep my focus on it.

As you can see I'm quite complicated. But who isn't? If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.

In case you find any mistakes in my texts, just tell me. English isn't my native language and even if I understand it perfectly, I often have problems to express myself because I never use it in my daily routine. But yeah, I'm open to enhance my knowledge so; don't hesitate to tell me when you find something wrong.

"Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."

By the way: Sometimes I use textures, brushes or pictures from sites like DeviantART or Unsplash. You will find the source in the description under the theme.

When you can't find the source then it's probably because I created the background completely by myself with my own materials.

But, we all make mistakes. When there's no source even though you know I used something from you or from someone else, please tell me. In this case I'd highly appreciate it if you could send me the link to the original source too.

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