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Expression Search / GMailUI

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I, too, would give this extension high marks were it not for the fact that it disabled my ability to customize my toolbars. Admittedly, this may be because it conflicted with another extension, but frankly it wasn't worth the trouble for me to find out since I don't have any other extensions that I don't need and use daily. That said, I can't recommend this extension and have uninstalled it. I hope that the developer will fix the numerous bugs.

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Copy Sent to Current

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I have been waiting a long time for Thunderbird to incorporate something like this. It seems to be a common sense function, especially for those of us who like to view or messages in threaded format. Finally, I can see my replies as part of the thread! Thanks so much for providing this extension!

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (0.7.4).