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Edit Email Subject

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I just downloaded and tested this add-on and it works PERFECTLY, just like the old 'Edit Email Subject' that I used so much! THANK YOU!!! I will proceed to make a small contribution now to show my appreciation for your work.
Folks, this add-on is very useful because correspondents frequently neglect to put something in the subject line at all, or write something useless (like 'meeting'), so I edit the line to write the meeting date, time, place, so I can see at a glance what's what w/o having to open the message. Or when I order something on line, I can add 'RECEIVED' to the subject line so I can see instantly if something's still pending or not.
Such a useful add-on!! Thank you.

QuickFolders (Tabbed Folders)

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Indispensable add-on that makes finding, moving, filing and organizing email messages and folders soooo much easier! 10 Stars.

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I always wanted to see a 'Cc' column in my Inbox and Sent tab and now I have it! Thank you Mic! I prefer to view all messages in their own window (not tab) and thus have only one tab open in TB at any one time. This add-on, together with Axel Grude's QuickFolders add-on are the best things ever to happen for Thunderbird, and make the program truly usable.

Install the Columns Wizard from the 'gear' icon in your Add-ons page--'Install add-on from file'. Then restart TB and, in your extensions page find ColumnsWizard 3.0 and click on the options button. Go to the Custom Columns tab and check the box for 'Cc'. Now you can pick the 'Cc' column as an option in your column picker when you right-click on the column headers in any folder.

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QuickFolders (Tabbed Folders)

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QuickFolders offers virtually instantaneous access to favorite folders and subfolders in an intuitive effortless manner, reducing clutter, and above all saving time in filing every day. It is more than an essential add-on for me: it is an existential one! Hats off to Axel Grude for this one.

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