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Quickly generate mail filters on the fly, by dragging and dropping mails and analyzing their attributes. Create a filter in less than 10 seconds, it's as easy as: drag, click, click.

By popular demand, supports SORTING filters alphabetically.

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Tag Sequence Arranger Necesita reiniciarse

Enable you to arrange the tag sequences in their listbox.

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Tag Toolbar Necesita reiniciarse

Añade una barra de herramientas para manejar las etiquetas.

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SubSwitch Necesita reiniciarse

Simplifica la categorización de los emails - será más fácil para ud. y otros manejar los mails. Defina la lista de prefijos para todos los emails que envía o permita a SubSwitch que los descubra automáticamente.

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gLOC for Thunderbird Necesita reiniciarse

gLOC - a link that lets you find your way! Once you create your own gLOCs at, you can easily insert them into your emails in Thunderbird. You can also use gLOCs someone else shared with you. Product of Wayz Solutions GmbH Germany.

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