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This add on STATIONARY is essential, please approve it and get it downloadable for the latest version as without this I will have to leave TB and go to another mail system. Please UPDATE this ASAP or sooner. Without it TB is useless for me and my 4 accounts

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I have used this for a while and it was good and OK, however last few days it now deletes my entire email message if I change the outgoing sending mail account after I have typed my message. This is a new bug and is very very irritating as I keep losing lengthy composed emails...if this is not fixed then this add-on is not functional.

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (0.8.4). 

It is not a bug, it is a feature requested by many users.

When the user "change the outgoing sending mail account" aka "change the identity", the Stationery automatically apply s default template for the new identity.

If You do not like this, <b>just turn it off in the Stationery options</b>.

Yes, changing the template discards all You typed to the message so far. There is no good way to prevent it, I tried many ways so far. It is why the Stationery displays a warning and confirmation dialog before changing anything. If You click "Cancel", message will remain unchanged. If You do not see the dialog, You probably disabled it, in this case go to the options and enable it again.

By the way, next time You have a problem with the Stationery add-on, just write to me, my support e-mail is available on the add-on page.