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This is the best theme made for Thunderbird, and I have used it for many years.

I would also love to continue to use it in TB 68. Still haven't upgraded because all the other themes looks horrible.

Pleeeaseee :-)

Hi Hans,

Unfortunately it looks that this theme has reached end of life :(

Mozilla has changed Thunderbird engine completely and to be hones I'm not sure if it is possible to develop "Full theme" for v68 at all. From version to version they are blocking more and more functions to force users and theme developers to drop full themes in favour of ridiculous "Persons theme"

I'm also still using v60 because I can't stand default themes and "Personas" are even less readable.

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This theme should be one of the default themes in TB! I am also holding back the upgrade to TB 60 since it have no contrast and is a real strain on the eyes. I am really looking forward to this update. You do a great job!

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (3.52.4).