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Sadly can't make this work on our setup...
- Thunderbird 31.2.0
- Thunderbird Integration for JIRA
- on Redhat Enterprise 6
- connecting to JIRA v6.1.4#6159

I entered the correct URL and user/pw but only get the following error when clicking on "Test connection":

""URL: https://*****/jira-test/rest/api/latest/serverInfo Error ->0 ""

(Replaced part of the URL with ***)
Which is funny, because if I enter the very same URL in my browser I get some nice json data...

Could it be an issue because we are using self-signed certificates which are rejected by the plugin?

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Please attempt to save the settings first. And then try to connect to JIRA after re-opening the settings dialog.

Sometimes when the add-on is installed for the first time the settings for the password are not stored right away.

Sorry about that ;-\

Oh, and yes, self-signed certificates are blocked directly within Mozilla's code. Please add the certificate to your Thunderbird's own trust store and try again.