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A must-have for those who use vCard format contact lists!
One question: How do you add a URL for synchronization? When I go into "Preferences" and select the "Sync" tab, it will not allow me to type in the "Address books discovery" field, even after I tick the "Accounts" box.

UPDATE: Thanks much Philippe, that did the trick. Thanks again for a great add-on!

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right click on the left pane, then "Add New Address Book", then choose remote...
in CardBook preferences, sync tab, discovery groupbox, you will only see CardDAV accounts that were previously added.

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I exported a vCard file from my Google Pixel 3 standard "Contacts" app (Android 9, Pie) and attempted to import them locally to a new address book... Absolutely nothing happens (no contacts import, no error messages). Tried switching settings from vCard 4.0 to 3.0, same thing.

The exported vCard file imports into the standard Thunderbird address book with no issues. Is this add-on compatible with the Android Pie Contacts app?

Thanks in advance for any advice. Looks like a nice add-on, if I could get my contacts imported!


UPDATE: Guess not. The problem appears to be on the Google Android end. Found the CardBook log viewer, and every contact is flagged as not being in 3.0 or 4.0 format. Opened the exported vCard file with Notepad, and the second record is: "VERSION:2.1". I can't find anything in the app settings to change the output format. Weird that it's v2.1, on the latest version of Android.


ONE MORE UPDATE: There is a free app in the Google Play Store called "ContactsManager", which exports your contacts in 3.0 format, but it does not export pictures (for one thing). A better free app is "Easy Backup - Contacts Export and Restore". While the latter still exports in 3.0 format, it does include picture data in its output vCard file.

Exporting using either of these apps, CardBook was able to import them with no issues. Lots of function within this add-on, great job!

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (33.9).