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Oh My! ..... I just discovered this little gem! It's simply divine, MaDonna! Wow! Why don't they promote more of your creations, in a variety set-up, rather than the same old 3 "MORE BY THIS ARTIST" column (above!)? I've seen the SAME 3 Themes listed for about 6 months now! Ugh! You have so much more to offer, and I'm sure other artists do too!?? Surely someone from Firefox can rotate them more often, eh? Oh well, ...such is life!

Anyway, this one is a sheer delight and I REALLY can't believe I'll be the first "USER" for it!?? You know how much I enjoy your work, and only wish I had more theme windows I could use to display great designs, like this one! Thank-You so much! -C.R.McL. ( -Cassandra. )

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