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Well shoot! I absolutely LOVE this plugin. At first I was a bit whiney, but it really grew on me within a short time. I get emails from people all the time that clutter them with images throughout long chains. I enjoyed being able to hit reply, hit strip images, and then write my stuff and send (thus not expanding the size of my user profile with needed images). I do hope this gets re-written to work with TB 78+ :)

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Nice idea! But it appears only to strip images from messages being composed. That limits its ability to reduce mailbox size. (What I need is a tool that strips inline images from stored messages.)

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i couldn't find the button in the toobar, so i right clicked and added it ("strip images") and it worked perfectly. thanks! this was just what i was looking for (to be honest, this should be built into thunderbird by default!)

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This would be a very useful AddOn, but I cannot find the "strip" button.

Honestly...I would have preferred to add the button automatically. But I couldn't figure out how to do it in the amount of time available to me at that point.

To add the button you
- create a new mail
- in the compose window, right click a blank part of the toolbar and from the context menu select "Customize..."
- in the "Customize Toolbar" dialog that appears, find the "strip images" button and drag it to the toolbar