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Works 100% well with linux (fedora 19)

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This is an add-on I'm searching for a long time. I don't really understand why there are not more add-ons like that – a simple reminder.

But unfortunately it lacks some important features and it doesn't really work with the actual TB versions. And it seems that the development ceased. :(

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Für den fünften Stern fehlen mir nun noch zwei Features:
1. Eine Synchronisation. Ich arbeite beruflich bedingt an verschiedenen Rechnern. Da der portable TB immer wieder Schwierigkeiten hatte, verwende ich nun jeweils installierte und synchronisiere meine Adressen. Mails liegen in IMAP Foldern.
2. Ein Alert, der einen auch dann anspringt, wenn man den Wiedervorlage- oder Antworterinnerungsordner nicht offen hat.

Aber ansonsten: VIELEN, VIELEN DANK FÜR DIESE SO WICHTIGE FUNKTION!!! Bitte, bitte, für neue TB Versionen weiterentwickeln.

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Very good - I use it for "waiting for followups" to make sure I get the reply I wanted.

Be warned that if you have a big mail box (mine is 10GB+), it can take Thunderbird a long time to load - but once loaded and the indexes are sorted, it appears to be OK.

Like another poster, it would be great if it was hidden from your inbox until it was overdue.


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I really like this idea. I know that Google has a code in GMail which allows the user to snooze a message for 7 days. I think Resubmission Folder is better - however I would like for the message awaiting reply etc... to be hidden from view until the date required. Sorry for posting that request here but I can't find the "email the developer" link.

Otherwise it has great potential!

Thank you for your feedback! I really appreciate it. A function like that is not implemented. However, you can build a workaround. You can create a virtual folder and adjust the settings.

1) Select folders to search: Choose -> Inbox (or any folder you like)
2) Radio button "Match any of the following"
3) Condition: Tags is empty (this includes only e-mails without any tags, even custom ones)
4) Condition: Tags [desired tag] -> add as many conditions as you like to show matching e-mails (1) resubmission date expired, 1) reply owing, important,...)

The result is a folder that doesn't show e-mails with resubmission date. The alternative is to assign dates to all e-mails and sort them into folders. So the inbox only contains tag-less mails and the resubmission folder contains the mails in the selected interval. I hope this helps you. There is a link on the add-on page to e-mail me (e-mail for help or something like that).

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Dieses Addon hat OHNE MICH ZU FRAGEN einen Teil meiner Schlagwörter verändert und eine GROSSE Menge neuer Schlagwörter hinzugefügt! Ein Addon sollte nicht UNGEFRAGT das System des Anwenders durcheinanderbringen!!

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Cannot start TB with this add-on - Ubuntu 11.10-64.

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excellent concept and very attractive user interface.
Few Buttons does not seem to work, some times hangs on for few seconds.

It would be best, if you can add feature of pop up reminder. Thanns

excellent job


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Thanks for the new add-on.

I would expect the option of manually "tag" mails when composing other than tagging mails in sent box? Like tag "Need Reply within __2_ days and pop-up reminding".

If I understood you correctly you want to add a tag before you send the e-mail specifying when the reply for this e-mail is expected. I planned to add a button which adds the tag when the e-mail is sent. It turned out to be more complicated and I didn't implement it in the current version.

If I add a pop-up reminder I would leave it to the user to use it. Some people find pop-ups annoying so I want to add an option where the user can decide how he wants to be reminded. Definitely needs some more thoughts about the best usability.

Thanks a lot for the valuable feedback! Let me know about any suggestions or bugs you find.