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Works, but has some bug with IMAP caching of messages especially noteable with large messages taking ages to reload when the Add-on is activated, please fix!

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Accordingly to https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=77811#c169, the thunderbird team would is open to incorporate the add-on into TB. wouldn't it be great?

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One issue that I noticed is that Lookout and Lookout+ seem to change the formatting of ics files. Lightning is then unable to process the ics file.

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Dows work without problems on my SeaMonkey 2.26.1 on Windows 7 Pro.

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Would be great if it worked. In a message thread that showed 8 attachments of the usual winmail.dat kind, I now get 21 attachments, so it is doing something.

EDIT: I don't think I can respond to your comment, so I'll edit the original review here.

I'm running Thunderbird v24.3.0 under Windows 8 PRO x64. My addons are: Lookout+, Lightning 2.6.4, gContactsSync 0.3.6 and Todoist 4.3. The message I'm trying to open is probably composed of many replies/fwds and may include attachments.

I had the original Lookout installed but it didn't work. I installed lookout+ to open an outlook message which contained a single winmail.dat attachment.

When using the original Lookout (1.2.13), here's what happens:

1. First time I open the message, I get 23 attachments. 2 winmail.dat, 3 body_part_0.rtf, 3 img0001.png and 15 Untitled Attachment (octet-stream).

2. If I close the message and open again, I get 8 attachments (1 winmail.dat, 1 body_part_0.rtf, 1 img0001.png and 5 untitled octet-streams).

The same applies to Lookout+ (1.2.15).

I was expecting the message to open as it does in outlook, where each of those 5 octet-stream files open as an attached e-mail message. Am I missing something here?

Thank you for your quick response and effort in putting this toghether.

Best regards,

Thiago Sestini.

Dear Thiago,

I checked with my Thunderbird 24.3 under Windows XP and I can open all the attachments (up to 5 files in 1 winmail.dat attachment.

So could you please a bit more precise and add more details, so I can try to check, what is giong wrong.

Thank you for your feed-back,