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Works fine with gavatar. But does it actually loads images for LDAP address book? Does not work for me. "LDAP Contact Photo" addon though works fine.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.4). 

You know that the add-on was just get reviewed and not much people are using it, so it may contain bugs. But I'd like to fix them if provided detail information.Do you have a working LDAP server and config it in address book? What's the addon version and Thunderbird version? Is your LDAP server require binding with password?Would you please enable 'verbose info' in add-on options dialog and the click the 'clear cached...' button, and then click one mail to let the add-on load from LDAP. If you see any suspicious message in the error console please send to me ([email protected]).Thanks.


Seems due to mail domain not match settings in LDAP server, will also try the Name in next version.