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Great message filter add-on. It saves me lot of time to save pdf attachments for later review. But I have an issue of 'Save Attachment To' action on network drive. Although I tried to save to a network drive, say '\\Kaa-sd-sf-01\Scan\EMAIL_ATTACHMENT', it always appears '\Kaa-sd-sf-01\Scan\EMAIL_ATTACHMENT' and then this filter rule fails to work after I restart Thunderbird. To make it work, I need to manually correct '\\' at the beginning of path. Do you have any idea? Thanks again for the good work!

I am running Windows 10 and TB 60.6.0 (32-bit).

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.4.1). 

for more detail. It's opening the edit dialog that removes the first backslash. the problem is that the Javascript string compiler reads "\\" as a single backslash (as the backslash is also used for escaping special characters)

The workaround is to add another backslash: