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It's actually quite simple to fix the bug, if you can work with 7-zip and a text editor:
1) open the addressbooktab-1.4.2-tb.xpi with 7-zip file manager and go to /chrome/.
2) Open the AddressBookTab.jar there
3) go to /content/
4) and extract AddressBookTab.js, leave the 7-zip file manager _open_
5) find line 16
var generatedName = realCard.generateName(gPrefs.getIntPref("mail.addr_book.lastnamefirst"));
6) replace it with
try {
lastnamefirst = gPrefs.getIntPref("mail.addr_book.lastnamefirst");
} catch(err) {
lastnamefirst = 0;
var generatedName = realCard.generateName(lastnamefirst);
7) save the AddressBookTab.js file.
8) drag and drop the modified AddressBookTab.js to the 7-zip file manager and tell 7-zip to update the archive
9) move 4 folder levels up. If 7-zip asks if it should update the archive, confirm
10) Remove AddressBookTab 1.4.2 addon and install the modified addressbooktab-1.4.2-tb.xpi in thunderbird

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.4.2).