Rated 3 out of 5 stars

This extension has potentials to be really awesome. I love the freedom to create your own layout and scale bookmarks up and down. Generally I love all the features that are there, but because of the ones that are not there, I unfortunately can't use this extension. I'll try to shortly describe what I would like to be included. The first ones the most important:

Move multiple “widgets” (bookmarks and folders):
I very often need to add a bookmark on the top of the page or between the ones already existing, and that's currently not possible without moving all the bookmarks and folders individually. There could be a selection option, maybe a select all (ctrl+A / cmd+A), maybe content could automatically be pushed down when dragging a bookmark above it. Also, the page expands when dragging bookmarks and folders down to the bottom and to the right (not sure about left), but not to the top.

Select URL bar in new tabs:
So we can write the URL without having to select the URL bar ourselves each time opening a new tab.

Default colour option for all colours:
I like my background to be light gray, not white, which I can define for each individual folder, but not as a default. Generally I would like to set the defaults for all the colour settings.

Here come the less important:

Default size related to grid:
When setting the default size of widgets, to keep the grid layout, you need to manually calculate the grid size. It would nice to just be able to chose how many columns and rows you want a widget to be as default, instead of pixels.

Clickable path:
It would be cool with a little path in the upper corner when you're in a sub-folder, that let's you click on the name of mother-folder to go to it. Like in the file browser in Windows and most Linux systems.

Add a note:
Simple text notes displayed just like the bookmarks and folders would be bad ass.

That's all I can think of. Hope it's useful. Let me know if you implement any of it.

Keep it up.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.0.5). 

Thank you for review and suggestions. You are so demanding, giving the stars ;-)

1. Multi-widgets operations is unlikely to be implemented in the foreseeable future
2. URL bar is always selected when new tab opens, unless "Give focus on start" option enabled for one of search widgets
3. Background color inheritance is helpful idea, I'll take a close look on it

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