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Wow! Amazing Addon!!
Why hadn't I discovered this earlier?

From the very first time I used this addon, it made my life easier.
I liked the way it interacts with the mouse buttons and the Tabs.
For example: when I only "right click" the mouse button, it automatically Opens the Link on a new tab, next to the previous tab.
Also the same thing happens when You "hold and Click" the Left button of the mouse!
For pictures is great too!

Of course you can modify the options to your liking.
It just saved me a lot of time.
Doing all of the time right click and then Choosing to open the link in a new tab, waiting for the context menu to show up, it's quite annoying.

Thank you Infocatcher, for creating this very helpful addon. :-)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (