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Great addon
if u stored alot same domain username/password, and want to retrieve from FF, u need remember the username

after installed QuickPasswords and Saved Password Editor, u can select which login info to use

QuickPasswords and Saved Password Editor both is very good idea addon and MUST buildin FF

last things is can u change the auto-login function to auto open the domain and fillin the login info in a new tab, if can complety auto login the target domain would be great =)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.9.1-signed). 

It is a little tricky - the password manager usually only stores the domain (Host) and not the exact login page. Also, when you are on a domain, you usually have to click on some other page elements in order to get a login prompt and this is not easy to automate as it is completely up to the developer of each web site how this works. It can also set up cookies and session data which is hard to control in an automated manner.

I could certainly add a "go to domain" function, but it wouldn't necessary open the right page (your login page), so it might not be as useful as you would wish for. to discuss in detail, please create an official feature request here: