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Dark Gold

A dark black and gray theme with gold/orange accents. A port of my Dark Gold theme for Firefox, with some tweaks specifically for Thunderbird.

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2 users
Added Sept. 20, 2022

Windows 11 Dark

The grey color from Windows 11 Dark (#202020)

It goes very well with BIB3 by Niivu (Windows 10/11 Theme).

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29 users
Added Aug. 15, 2022

Tokyo Night

A nice dark theme for Thunderbird based on Enkia's Tokyo Night theme for VIsual Studio Code.

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31 users
Added July 12, 2022

Dark/Black theme

A simple black and white dark theme based on Luminous Matter.

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46 users
Added July 11, 2022

Clean and Professional

Clean and polished theme for Thunderbird and Firefox.

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39 users
Added July 4, 2022

Misas México Tema

Tema para thunderbird de Misas en México

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10 users
Added June 30, 2022

Neat Dark Theme - Pink

A Pink Neat Dark Theme for Thunderbird

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17 users
Added May 20, 2022

Neat Dark Theme - Blue

A Blue Neat Dark Theme for Thunderbird

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80 users
Added May 20, 2022


Grey and orange theme

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4 users
Added May 10, 2022

Seoul Dark

Seoul dark theme for Thunderbird. Adapted from calvinchd's Gruvbox Dark (, inspired by junegunn's color scheme for vim (

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22 users
Added May 9, 2022


A personal mix between dark and light modes.

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47 users
Added May 3, 2022

Tiger eyes turquoise (dark theme)

A dark theme of a gray toned tiger with turquoise eyes.

At least Thunderbird 102 is required to control the browser theme.

This is a modified version of the theme "tiger eyes light blue" from AmSumz.

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33 users
Added March 19, 2022


HEKISU1, BY: HEKISU1, Thamyris, Thamyris71.

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3 users
Added March 3, 2022

Dark Imagine Theme

Simple black theme by Imagine.

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13 users
Added Jan. 29, 2022



Black + Charcoal Foundation With Deep Crimson Accents.

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81 users
Added Jan. 16, 2022

Green over solid black

A simple green over black solid theme. Based on Luminous Matter theme.

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32 users
Added Jan. 3, 2022

Nord Theme

An adaptation of the Nord Theme for Thunderbird.

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103 users
Added Nov. 25, 2021

Tristana Theme (League of Legends)


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10 users
Added Nov. 22, 2021

Autumn Wheat Theme

A warm theme perfect for fall with wheat and complementary orange-yellow-brown colour scheme.

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38 users
Added Oct. 9, 2021

One Dark

One Dark theme for Thunderbird.

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155 users
Added Oct. 9, 2021