Rated 4 out of 5 stars

This is a great add-on, in tandem with f.lux/redshift it really helps with eyestrain and headaches from being on the computer.

I would disagree with a previous poster that it is intuitive; it really isn't. Yes, you can hover to see the tootips, but trying to figure out how to change the colors and predicting what change will cause what, is still a bit of a process. Also, for some reason it now starts up automatically set up to only colorize pages in the white list. This seems like a bit of a troll move, and is a recent change. Why u do dis?

Unfortuately, because the presets are either very dark/high contrast or very light and bright, you will likely need to make your own. You may end up spending hours getting 4 or so set up just right, only to log in one day to see it has either reset or the colors have changed. This seems to track with updates.

Also, the profile seems to save locally, as when I had to reset my comp, or if I log in from another comp, the color profiles are back to the default. I haven't been able figure out how to save/back up the profiles so I don't have to start from scratch every time.

Despite all of this, I would still recommend it, because when all is working right, it's AWESOME.

One last thing: I would contribute in a heartbeat if I could pay through Amazon. That's how Wikipedia gets me every year. Just about everyone has an Amazon account these days.

The following addresses most of the issues you mention:

- I suppose it takes a bit of learning to get the concept of a linear transformation in the HSL domain, since most graphics programs use multiplicative HSL transformations only. Another form of non-intuitiveness may be due to the non-intuitive use of CSS background images on many web pages, which is not my fault.

- The change to white list usage may be due to me not willing to release two updates just to 1) introduce a new option and 2) to set its initial value for new users to a value different from the one used before. Sorry for that.

- Let me know if the themes are ever reset again in the future. This should not happen, but it may be that an upgrade function for earlier versions gets executed repeatedly because it fails to clean up earlier saved themes.

- You may drag and drop themes as text, so you may also use this to move themes between profiles as long as themes are saved locally. You may also use this feature to store your carefully crafted themes in a text file.

- The presets are high contrast so as to maintain readability on arbitrary web pages (including pages with low contrast). If you have created some specific themes for commonly used web sites, please send them to me as text by dragging them as text from the theme buttons, so I may see how you are using this extension and may possibly publish them as a dedicated presets.

- I'll look into the Amazon payment option.