Lithuanian spelling check dictionary Version History

8 versions

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Version 1.3.1-2015.09.07.1webext 313.7 KiB

Version 1.3.1-2015.09.07 314.6 KiB

Minor updates to the dictionary.
Add-on category has now been correctly specified, which should help it work with Firefox 41 and later versions.

Version 1.3 312.9 KiB

Finally, a new release!

Version 330.0 KiB

Updated from bzr. Added the em:unpack flag to ensure the dictionary works with newer versions of Firefox which don't unpack add-ons by default.

Version 1.2.1 315.0 KiB

(Not so) new upstream version

Version 1.2 351.0 KiB

New upstream release.

Version 1.1+cvs20061127 354.0 KiB

Upstream update. Quite a few new words.