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I've read your answers to people begging for an update, and your explanation about one icon per extension in WE—which I think is moronic on the part of Firefox. They control only a small fraction of the browser world. They lost that battle to Google already, and now they want to drive others away. However, I think freezing the updates is just fine if one takes the necessary precautions. I run Malwarebytes Pro, AVG Pro, and have a hardware firewall. On some machines I've used ZoneAlarm as a software firewall for use elsewhere besides home. I have been a professional IT since 1984 (yes 33 years). I used Firefox since v1 or whatever; I used the pre-Firefox version called Netscape. In all that time I have NEVER been infected with a virus, trojan or any other malware. (Yes, I have accidentally installed BS toolbars when I didn't take the time to carefully read the installation screens—even Adobe tries to load McAfee garbage, which I find cheap and crappy). I prefer to control my own security rather than allowing the nitwits at Firefox to control it for me.

So, three cheers for Toolbar Buttons. That, and two other extensions I need, require blocking any further Firefox updates. Meanwhile, I'm checking other forked versions of Firefox like Palemoon. Cheers.

I still think freezing updates is a bad idea. It is better going to PaleMoon or Waterfox (they are the two main alternatives).