Message Composition



Rewrite or generate text based on promps using OpenAI's API.

Configure on settings page (make sure to save) and start to use when writing your emails!

You must have API key for OpenAI (anyone can access GPT-3.5-turbo).

GPT is multilingual!

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Added May 11, 2023

Cypherdog Encryption

Encrypt any file, any text, and share via any medium, any time

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22 users
Added Feb. 28, 2023


Modern encryption in Thunderbird - powered by Rust, rage and WebAssembly

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Added Feb. 14, 2023

FDK KIM Plugin

Dieses Plugin setzt automatisch die KIM-Header und den Betreff passend zu ihrem Anhang.

Anhängen werden analysiert und falls genau eine valide p7s Datei erkannt wird, werden die entsprechenden Daten automatisch gesetzt.

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Added Jan. 31, 2023


Customizable headers for Thunderbird

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Added Jan. 6, 2023


SpamTester allows you to test the spam score of your email using popular anti-spam software (SpamAssassin, Rspamd...). This is useful to know if your email will fall into the recipient's spam (or even get your mail server blocked).

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Added Dec. 30, 2022

Simple Template

You will be able to create and automatically insert templates for each account.

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Added Dec. 28, 2022

Proton Mail Toolbar Button

Adds a Proton Mail button to the toolbar. The button simply opens a new tab with the webpage.

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Added Dec. 20, 2022

@Contact Mention

This add-on mimics the mentions behavior on Outlook when mentioning a contact with the '@' sign. The contact selected is added as a link in the email body as well as to the recipent list of the email.

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Added Dec. 5, 2022

Netiquette Checker

An integrated netiquette checker for EPITA students.

List all the netiquette rules that are not respected when writing an email.

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Added Nov. 30, 2022

Compose Responsive Images

When writing new emails, newly inserted images are made responsive by setting style="max-width:100%" and removing width/height attributes.

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Added Oct. 24, 2022


Data protection extension, to avoid data mishaps with circular mails:

1. warning for e-mail with multiple recipients not in BCC (exceptions possible)
2. warning for roundmails with a different recipient domain
3. warning if PGP key is present

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Added Oct. 19, 2022

Mark Read on Reply

Mark messages as read when you replied to them.

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Added Sept. 9, 2022

Advanced Composer

Creates quote header in Ms Outlook style, manages message templates, signatures and message recipients, and more.

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Added Aug. 21, 2022

External Editor Revived

Edit emails in external editors such as Vim, Neovim, Emacs, etc.

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Added July 7, 2022

Reply with subaddress

Reply to a message that was sent to a subaddess with the same address.

Example: Your primary email is [email protected], you receive a mail to the subaddress [email protected], the sender of replies is set to [email protected]

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Added June 28, 2022

Open in XPS | XPSLogic

U kunt met deze extensie tickets en taken openen door middel van de knop open in XPS

Er moet wel eerst een client worden ingevuld dit kunt u invullen onder opties

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Added June 22, 2022

Netiquette checker and wrapper

RFC 1855 compatible as well as Epita compatible.

This Addon provide a mail checker and an auto 72 column wrapper.
What is checked:
- Subject
- Greeting
- Body
- Salutation
- Quoting
- Signature

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Added June 21, 2022


This extension allows you to easily insert accented characters as you type in firefox or thunderbird. It is similar to abctajpu (no longer supported). With the default settings, simply press "e" followed by "\" to insert "é" "a\" to insert "à" etc...

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Added May 10, 2022

Contact Finder

Autocomplete a list of contacts when sending a message by searching their name in the address book.

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Added May 9, 2022