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it enlarges not the font. semi usefull for uhd/4k. i did not want to change enlargment for all windows programs, but finally it seems the only way for now.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.7). 

Dear orange.

I will try large font size when the height is large.
Large font is not pretty like so.
But, I will try best.
And, uhd? did you mean this Ultra High Definition?

From Sungho Hwang.

I knew that it was not only thing of tree font size if needed.
How do you change font size in options or Windows setting.


From Sungho Hwang.

I have known your request as it is after you told me.
Of course, Overall large font size is not pretty like so.
So, I will apply font size options to two tree children.
Font size options will get to be small, medium, large.
About sending/receiving e-mail messages, you will...

From Sungho Hwang at AM, Decemer 13th 2020. written.

Hi, orange, is large font size 16px good?
I submitted version 1.8 of this add-on.
I present this version to users who SOMETIMES like large font.

From Sungho Hwang at PM, December 13th 2020. updated.

About dialog description, please, use TaskDescriptions.
About taskview description, please, use TaskviewStyles.
About calendar description, wait update for Eventview.

From Sungho Hwang. at PM, December 13th 2020. suggest.

I submitted version 6.8 of Eventview for calendar desscription font size options.

From Sungho Hwang at PM, December 16th 2020. updated.