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Thanks for this great extension. Any plans to make it available for 3.1.9?

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Would love to see updated version available for TB 3.1.9

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3.0x Users - Alternative
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Best thing since sliced bread, but DiLecce has gone MIA.
Is anyone working on this for TB 3?
I can't upgrade to TB3 until I get this one, it's so important to me.

Thank you Frank for making it!

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A great tool for 2.0x but:
- Does not work with 3.x
- Website is down http://www.supportware.net/mozilla/

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It does work, you just have to increase the compatibility level to 2.0+

Since the developers site is down, i uploaded a modified version to my homepage http://www.marsmenschen.com/uploads/tb_quickmove_extension-0.4.0-tb_tb20fix.xpi

continue saving your time ;-)

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Unfortunately and to my deep sadness, this no longer works with - this extension saved me at least 30 minutes work a day.