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I'm greatly disappointed. What good is an "improved" app if the first thing it does is wipe out your add-ons? The add-ons are what make your app yours. I use stationary every day along with my sig; and my walnut2 theme makes it feel like it is mine. I should say "was" since I will wait about a week and if the situation doesn't change I will probably go to Kmail...

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Is there a way to make it work with TB 68?

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This is one of the best add-ons in Thunderbird. It makes it possible to include an image as part of a signature. Not just possible, but easy. Plus the option to choose whether or not to enable it in a particular email.

So it is really annoying that Thunderbird has not approved it for use in the latest version 68. I have had to find and download the previous version 60.9 and replace the installation for it to continue working.
My signature is vital for my voluntary work, so the only other alternative is to use webmail which I really hate.

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¿Habrá actualización para 68.x? Entocnes volveré a las 5 estrellas.
Es un addon imprescindible para productividad en Thunderbird y ha dejado de funcionar XP

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Please update this plugin. It's awsome but not working with currect version

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Since Thunderbird 68 - You can use your Stationery files with SmartTemplate4. Simply open SmartTemplate settings and select "File Templates" from the Accounts dropdown; you can then add your Stationery files to the write, reply and forward buttons. I have been using Stationery for years and worked with the author Arivald to make both our Add-ons compatible with each other.

Since he has no time to work for nothing for the many weeks that it takes to update Addons to the latest Tb version I decided to incorporate the Stationery feature into my own Add-on, because external templates are absolutely crucial for a productive Mail environment. Stationery has always been a 5 star Add-on, absolutely important.

I am programming Add-ons for 10 years and I would have patched Stationery if I had a month of free time (I seriously tried). But I had to set my priorities and look after my own Add-ons.

Full disclosure: SmartTemplate4 requires a license (5$ / year) because it is impossible to work on Add-ons every day of the week for nothing. All "free as in beer" things will end eventually, because they exploit people.

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Please (!) update this plugin for compatibility to Thunderbird 68.2.0.

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Awesome add-on but still not working with Thunderbird 68.1.1. Compiled it but that version isn't compatible either. Please update.

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Was great when it worked. Please update

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This is really a useful addon, but it's not compatible with the latest version of Thunderbird 68. Pleeaaase provide an update!

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Please make Stationery compatible with the latest TB version as soon as possible (because SmarTemplate4 is not an adequate replacement for Stationery).

Please don't let users to wait so long...

I am also willing to pay for it!

Thank you!

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Dear Arivald,

Please make this great and useful add-on compatible with the newest Tb version..

If You need it to offer it as paid add-on – it’s ok. But don’t let users to wait so long, beacuse they will have to definitely change used mail client ☹

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This add on STATIONARY is essential, please approve it and get it downloadable for the latest version as without this I will have to leave TB and go to another mail system. Please UPDATE this ASAP or sooner. Without it TB is useless for me and my 4 accounts

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

YES, please update to TB 68.
I use this practical addon every day.
Thank you very much!

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i use Stationery

but with the last version of thunderbird (68.0), it dont work/broken,

please could you make something, please!!

thank you


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Excellent. Only one complaint. The "Smart Reply" button (reply vs Reply All) no longer works. Only the Message Menu > Reply to All and CTRL-SHIFT-R provide reply all now.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

EXCELLENT. Many thanks to Arivald
It works like a breeze with text, picture, HTML or whatever comes to creation for multi-purposes.
Working perfect with TB 60.6.1

Long live open source

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not working on TB 60.4.0 :(

Well, version 1.0.0 works for me.
Try manual update if automatic does not work.

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Before TB 60 this was a great add-on. Stationary V1.0.0 was supposed to be the fix, but it does not work.

Correction: V1.0.0 does work with TB 60, but watch out for conflicts with other add-ons (eg. CutomizeMyBird).