Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I like new things and don't mind changes. But ever since the "tabs" came up, I had 2-3 millimeters to grab the stupid window and move it around on my desktop. What a crock! I don't know how many times I detached my calendar tab or some other tab to a "new window" just because I did not make it into the 2-3 mil "safe" zone that was the window header bar. What a bunch of bull for a user interface! This extension restores the sanity and lets you navigate around much more safely by avoiding unexpected unpleasantness. Very, very, very much appreciated. Give this one a 5-star any day! PS: search for"rise" does not yield anything... Don't know why... seems unique enough... search for "tools" and you'll find it. Pleasant emailing... -ml

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