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Is there a way to give this plugin more than 5 stars? This should be in every user's installation.

I'm in the middle of a job search. I'm looking in a specific city and for a specific job and I make this clear to all of the recruiters I deal with. I get all kinds of referrals for positions well outside of my search area, or for positions that don't fit my skill set. I also get inappropriate requests (I.e. I have a job, how much do you want to be paid?) . To save time, I've created some template responses that I could copy and paste when sending responses for these recurring messages. The problem was that it took time to copy and paste, and I still have to customize the message salutation or date.

With Quicktext, I can select the appropriate template with a very few key strokes, the salutation is set from the recruiter's email and it has even been set based on "Good morning", or "Good afternoon" time, dates in the body of the message are set from the scripting as well. Lastly, my resume is automatically attached (soo no more forgetting it).
This has been a big help in answering messages, whether I'm letting the recruiter know the position is a bad skills fit, in the wrong location (or both), a request for additional information, or any other message.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.1).