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It won't work on thunderbird 11.x.
But the idea is very good.
I feel one big drawback of this addon is the keybind, which is not populer one such as emacs like or gmail like.

For example, I am emacs user so I use Firemacs on Firefox.
If I were you, I would rename to "Thundermacs" (if the firemacs owner agreed,)
and default keybind should be more emacs like one.

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Linux version? Thunderbird is available on Linux, the add-ons are coded in JavaScript and thus the only reason to create plugin limited to group of systems, or just one, is if the add-on needs to access something OS specific.
Which would make me very careful, after asking why on earth it needs to do something OS dependant, then I'd forget the plugin *unless* I had *really* strong urge to have what it claims to offer, after which I would check the source code and/or (in any order) test it on FireFox W32 version on wine tracing it's file and other accesses, but I'm an amateur on that last way.

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I would love to see a Linux version. I use Ubuntu. Thanks.

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How about m for move to folder (then pop up a list of folders)...? That's what I miss.

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please update your add-on to FF 2

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Where is the [email protected]# download link ?

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how about a shortcut for "update virtual folder". If the criteria for a mail to appear in a virtual folder no longer hold, I search for an easy way to update the view and get them removed. at the moment I have to switch to an other folder and back to do this.