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VERY GOOD and useful AddOn, used in the last years with pleassure.

Now, since TB V31.x (Maybe earlier, dont know) the Redirect Button was inactive, greyd out.
Cant press the Redirect Button.
I couldnt find a Way to answer below your Answer.
I meant the Button in the redirect Window
and as you mentioned, i have a default recipient,
and it worked after i have deleted the default recipient.

Thank You for this Hint !

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.8.3). 

Hi pros,
Thank you for your review!
There's a Redirect button on the main window, to open the redirect window and there's a Redirect button on the redirect window to send the message. Which one doesn't work?
The latter is grayed out when you have default recipients, but that bug should be fixed in Mail redirect 0.8.4.
Version 0.8.4 has been approved a few days ago, so you can use the default recipients again the way you used to do...