Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Really missed this add-on so I tried fudging the installation file to get it to load under TBird 60 as per this mozillaZine knowledge base article
changing maxVersion in the install.rdf file from 14.0a1 to 99.

I first did this on a TBird 60.3.1 system and the trick worked. It installed from file without complaint and Google was now the default, everything worked perfectly. I just repeated the trick on another system under TBird 60.3.3 and, although the xpi loaded just fine, google was not added to the search engine list. Hmmm? If I can figure out why the trick no longer works I'll update this review. Meantime you can try the trick and if it works then great, otherwise you'll have to wait for the authors or someone else to fix the add-on.