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I use this add-on for years. First "Google calendar Tab", now "Open Google Calendar", but I still have the same problem:
Every day, when I open the calendar for the first time, I have to input my google-e-mail-adress and my google-passwort.
Is there no possibility, that the calendar opens without this procedure?
This is the only reason, why I dont give five stars

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I have the same problem then ezek1el3000 onMai 29, 2016:

Everytime i open "Calendar Tab" I have to login again. Save login data does not work. Next time i start "Calendar Tab" I have to login again.
But this problem didn't exist from the beginning. I do not remember when the problem starts. But originally login data were saved.
Any advice to prevent this?

Ich habe das gleiche Problem wie ezek1el3000 am 29. Mai 2016:
Jedes Mal, wenn ich den "Calendar Tab" öffne, muss ich mich wieder neu bei Google einloggen. Das Speichern der Login-Daten funktioniert nicht.
Aber dieses Problem ist relativ neu. Früher wurden die Login-Daten gespeichert.
Wer weiß Rat?