Firenvim Version History

7 versions

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Version 0.2.4 369.6 KiB Works with Thunderbird 84.0a1 and later

New features:
- Error messages from neovim should be easier to understand (233ce64)
- Firenvim now works with a windows browser and a wsl neovim (53229b4)
- Firenvim now works with microsoft edge on windows (aa8b834)
- Firenvim now works with chrome-dev/unstable on linux (2f7ed74)
- A ton of new tests that should bring much more stability to Firenvim

Bug fixes:
- Mouse coordinates used to be wrong when the browser was zoomed-in (696b978)
- <C-MouseLeft> now works
- Sending multiple events from neovim (e.g. write and focus_page) to
firenvim used to result in race conditions, now fixed (e00e2f6)
- Setting the cursor position on firenvim writes now works on Chrome (bf549e0)
- There used to be a race condition where Firenvim would start before
the content of the textarea was written to the disk, now fixed (801039d)
- Browser shortcuts would sometimes be duplicated (c4be634)
- The "Toggle firenvim in this tab" button did not always work when
trying to re-enable firenvim (5182bb6)

Feature removal:
- Browser shortcuts for focusPage/focusInput have been removed. They
have been broken for a while a nobody complained. Use
firenvim#focus_page() and firenvim#focus_input() instead (aaccf84)

Version 0.2.3 372.1 KiB Works with Thunderbird 84.0a1 and later

Bug Fixes:
- Black bars/lines should be a thing of the past (930115b)
- Firenvim will correctly identify again the element to take over when using its keyboard shortcuts (109adad)

Version 0.2.2 370.6 KiB Works with Thunderbird 84.0a1 and later

Bug fixes:
- `:set lines` on UIEnter now works again (8c65850)
- Firenvim now appropriately resizes itself on HiDPI screens (176a146)

Version 0.2.1 370.3 KiB Works with Thunderbird 84.0a1 and later

New features:
- The firenvim command line is enabled by default (d3a2a3b)

Bug fixes:
- The black bars that could happen on sides of the neovim frame on
resizes have been eliminated (0399e6a)
- The duplicate lines that could happen when scrolling down have been
fixed (c50eb79)
- The firenvim frame won't disappear anymore when writing to a
contenteditable body(a498f97)

Version 0.2.0 370.3 KiB Works with Thunderbird 84.0a1 and later

New features:
- A canvas renderer has been merged, improving performance by a lot (34a7ca8)
- It is now possible to edit the HTML of contenteditable elements (6ed8dfd)

Bug fixes:
- Firenvim now works better with frames (8e6895e)
- Firenvim won't focus the editor if it is closed while the page is focused (934f772)
- Firenvim will now work better with pages that remove its elements from the page (b6003c6)
- Firenvim will now respect XDG on Linux (44113e4)

Version 0.1.32 233.0 KiB Works with Thunderbird 84.0a1 and later

New features:
- firenvim#eval_js() now takes a second optional argument which lets you
specify the name of a callback function which should be called with
the result of the evaluated expression (36a47bd, 748e516).
- It is now possible to ask Firenvim to ignore key presses, letting the
browser handle them instead (dfccafd).
- Firenvim is now available for Thunderbird nightly (eed5303).

Bug fixes:
- firenvim#press_keys() now has keycodes in the events it generates.
This means that press_keys() should work with non-standard compliant
web pages (3040a83).
- The firenvim frame now has a lower z-index, allowing the Vimium frame
to be on top of it.

Feature removal:
- The persistent server feature has been removed. It has been broken for
a while and nobody complained.

Version 0.1.31 268.3 KiB Works with Thunderbird 84.0a1 and later