Provider for CalDAV & CardDAV 4.8

Privacy Policy

The Provider for CalDAV & CardDAV (the "Provider") is an add-on for Thunderbird, written by John Bieling (the "Author"). The add-on uses the CalDAV & CardDAV protocols to synchronize calendaring and contacts data between your computer (you being the "User") and a remote server (owned by the "Service Provider") hosting these information.

This page describes the policies regarding collection, transmission and use of your data when using the Provider. The User consents to the policies set out herein by using the Provider.

Information collected by the Author:
The Author does not have access to user data exchanged between the User and the Service Provider, including but not limited to calendar events or contact details. Some Service Providers (including but not limited to Google) allow the Author to access aggregated and summarized analytical information about the use of their provided services, such as total number of requests by all users or rate of errors.

Storing of user data:
The Provider stores your user data locally on your computer, using mechanisms provided by Thunderbird and its internal calendaring solution and its internal address book. The information is kept in your Thunderbird profile.

Information collected by the Service Provider:
The collection and use of information by the Service Provider is not governed by this privacy policy. Functionally, the Provider exchanges and transmits VEVENT CalDAV data and VCARD CardDAV data between the User's computer and the Service Provider. Therefore, please refer to the privacy information of your Service Provider.

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