Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Works perfectly with one exception described here:
When first logon FX or restore from minimize, menu dropdown button appears as it should however the menu buttons appear individually in a row at the right side of the nav bar (in addition to the Menu drop-down button): Pushing the drop-down button a single time causes those superfluous buttons on the right to disappear. They do not reappear again until FX is reset to screen or restarted. There is a minor bug somewhere. [email protected]

Edit: The same malfunction as described above still exists when this extension is loaded into my v56.0.2. I am running Classic Theme Restorer also so do not know if that is the cause of this issue. In any case the standard Menubar appears once upon start/restart with Classic Menu 2 and disappears with a selection of any buttons in the menu bar, any!!! Does not reappear after that. Cannot find any way of resolving this issue. [email protected] 11/7/2017