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Had to make changes to about:config to make it frozen. Two extensions I can't live without: Toolbar Buttons and Adblock Plus (with element hiding). I no longer wanted to live when Toolbar Buttons didn't work with the latest FF update. :-) Like Furshur, I am super careful in my browsing experience.

Michael B., you stated, "Instead I will be splitting it into smaller extensions which I will upload. I am keeping a list of which ones are WebExtension enabled here." I don't understand. Will you make other Toolbar Button extensions to replace the current one?

Michael B., here is my current toolbar button layout: https://s1.postimg.org/91qh3gle8f/My_Toolbar.jpg
Is there any way I can have all the above buttons when you do your splitting of extensions? Do PaleMoon and Waterfox have extensions like your Toolbar Buttons?

P.S. Three cheers for Toolbar Buttons. Hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray. R.I.P.

What it means is that since with WebExtensions I can only have a single button in an extension, I need to create a separate extensions for every single button in Toolbar Buttons. So far I have done just 21.

At this time yes and no to your current layout. Some of them I have done, some I will soon do. Some of them like the restart button simple can't be done.

Palemoon and WaterFox were split from Firefox some years ago. They are actively maintained but have not followed Firefox on things like disabling "legacy" extensions. Toolbar Buttons should install and work on both of them.